Summer Cleaning Tips

Easy Ways to Tidy-Up Your Apartment

During the hot, lazy days of summer, keeping up with the housework probably seems like the last thing you want to do! Cleaning tends to drop to the very bottom of the to-do list when so many more exciting outdoor activities are calling your name. Fortunately, with these easy summer cleaning tips, you can keep your living space neat and tidy while keeping your cool, and still have plenty of time left over to relax by the resort-style saltwater pool at Satori Flats.

1. Do a little at a time

Trying to do a top-to-bottom cleaning session all at once on a beautiful, hot day is a recipe for frustration. Rather than saving up all your chores for the weekend, do just a little bit every day. One or two 20-minute sessions a day will keep you ahead of the mess, and you won’t have to sacrifice your well-earned time off. 

2. Reward yourself

Cleaning is a fairly thankless task even when the weather isn’t gorgeous. Motivate yourself with a reward for a job well done with a special treat: a favorite ice-cold drink, a quiet moment on the balcony or patio, or a refreshing dip in the saltwater pool. 

3. Keep the dust at bay

Bright, sunny days are great for your mood, but they tend to illuminate any bit of dust on your home’s surfaces. Use a static duster, microfiber cloth, or even your vacuum brush attachment to keep all those surfaces clear and dust-free, so the light shining through the windows showcases nothing but your decor. 

4. Time it right

First thing in the morning or in the early evening are great times to get a few tasks checked off your list. Save the midday for relaxing with a cool drink in the outdoor lounge or walking your dog along the path surrounding Satori Flats. 

5. Keep your floors barefoot-ready

Summer means more time spent outside. Whether you’re walking, biking, or running on the walking path, or just spending time by the pool, more outdoor activities can lead to more dirt on your floors. Taking your shoes off at the door can stop dirt in its tracks, and a quick sweep with an electrostatic sweeper or a few passes of the vacuum will ensure you can walk around sans socks and never feel a bit of grit. For hard floors, a deep clean once a week with a wet mop will keep your floors looking and feeling brand-new.

Looking for a new home that’ll help you experience all the best of summer? Come see how Satori Flats in Avon can make you feel right at home.

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