Five Items Every High-end Kitchen Needs

Every home chef knows that you’re only as good as your tools. All Satori Flats apartment kitchens are well-appointed with ample counter and storage space, ready to hold everything you need to create show-stopping meals. Here are five tools every serious cook should have:

1. High-quality knives (and a way to keep them sharp)

Take your chopping, dicing, and slicing to the next level with knives that are up to the task. A high-quality, professional set of knives will make your prep work quick and easy, unlike dull, poorly-constructed knives that frustrate you by forcing you to saw when you should be able to julienne. Equally important as a good set of knives is the ability to keep them sharp. “Sharpening” stones and steels will help keep your blades straight in between sharpenings, but a regular professional sharpening will maintain a finely honed edge.

2. An enameled cast-iron Dutch oven

Versatile and infinitely useful – without the fussiness of regular cast iron – an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven will quickly become your go-to cookware. Brown, braise, bake, simmer, and serve all in this one multi-purpose kitchen workhorse. Easy to use and easy to clean, you’ll want to keep this one close at hand.

3. A sous vide

With this handy tool once only found in commercial kitchens, you’ll never overcook a steak or poorly time all of your meal’s components again. Set the sous vide for your desired temperature, then place your ingredients in a plastic pouch immersed in water, and walk away until your food is done! The precise temperature control makes it impossible to overcook past the temperature you’ve set, and not needing to tend to your meat means you have ample time to attend to your sides. And you’re not just limited to steak and chicken; your sous vide can prepare vegetables, desserts, even infused syrups for your bar cart. Get creative!

4. An immersion blender

An immersion blender can be one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. No more fumbling with a food processor or blender – with an immersion blender, you can blend ingredients easily right in your pots and pans. Cleanup is a snap, and it’s small enough to be stored in a drawer, leaving valuable counter real estate for other appliances.

5. A stand mixer

Stand mixers have long been the most important and useful tools for home bakers, but they do so much more than knead dough! Mix meatballs with ease, create inventive dips for entertaining, even whip up your own butter – the possibilities are endless with the standard attachments. Add in any of the seemingly endless array of specialty attachments, and find yourself making your own pasta, stuffing sausages, and spiralizing veggies like a pro!

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Jun 29
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